Rent Space at Traders Outlet

If you are thinking of expanding or starting a new business, becoming a trader at Traders Outlet is simple.

There are no long term rental agreements, or hidden costs. All you do is pay rent for your space on a monthly basis. The contract is similar to a pay as you go mobile contract, it renews every 4 weeks and to exit you just give 60 days notice. How simple is that?

Below is an explanation of how we work and hopefully answers to questions you may have.


Choosing the right space

We advise everyone starting a new venture to dream big and reach for the stars, however, be practical and start small and grow your business with confidence.

Think about what you are selling and the space you need for your products and what you will find manageable then upsize your business when you need to. Often traders are upsizing their business and becoming far more confident with what they are able to achieve.

We will always do what we can to help with this.


Spaces to rent

Along with display cabinets, shelves and booths we also rent wall space. If this is something you would prefer please let us know and we can discuss it with you.

We are always looking at new and exciting ways to help people start their business. Pop up shops or short term rentals are something we may look into in the future.

Traders Outlet offer a wide variety of permanent spaces for hire, some of the popular spaces are listed below:

2nd Floor From £4 Per Day
1st Floor From £9 Per Day
Ground Floor  From £11 Per Day
Wall Space From £3 Per Day

If you want a different size space, just ask and we will see what we are able to do for you.
In addition to the rent there is a small charge applied for card transactions. This ranges from £1 to £4 depending on the size of the area you are renting.


Rental Contract

You will be given a Rental Contract which as it suggests is a contractual agreement between you and Traders Outlet. The purpose of which is to safeguard both parties. The great news is THERE ARE NO LONG TERM CONTRACTUAL PERIODS.

The contract is a 4 week rolling contract, much like a pay as you go mobile phone. Basically if you decide you want to leave, you just give 4 weeks notice at the same time as paying your rent.

Rent is collected every 4 weeks and you are sent an invoice 10 days before the due date. Late fees are applied starting 3 days after the due date has passed.

Your rent covers the space you hire.


Who puts my sales through the tills?

Traders Outlet offer a service where we put your sales through the till, under your booth number.


Do I have to be at my stand everyday?

The simple answer is NO.

Traders Outlet have a dedicated team who do a huge amount for all the traders. They meet and greet each customer and explain about Traders Outlet. They also spruce up stands to make sure they look presentable. They do not re-merchandise, clean, vacuum or dust your stands, this is your responsibility. They put sales through the tills as well as a whole host of other tasks to ensure your customers have an exceptional experience.

You are welcome to be on your stand and take payments yourself. That is your choice and some traders do come along at weekends to do this. If you are taking payments, the credit card fee is still payable with your rent.


Can I decorate my area?


We recognise the best way to stand out is to have your own identity. You are free to decorate your space. You can paint, carpet, decoupage or do whatever as long as it does not cause damage to the structure of your area. We strongly advise you put a business name or sign in your area so your customers are aware who they are buying from, along with business cards and details of website and social media sites you have.


Do you provide help and advice?


Traders Outlet has a team of traders who volunteer their services and experience for all.

You are also very welcome to speak to the Manager Marcus who has a background in retail management or anyone of the supervisors. The Traders Outlet management team have an open door policy and are always on hand to help.


What to do next

The next steps are simple and start with a completed enquiry form.

Once you have a completed an enquiry form its full steam ahead.

We will agree a start date with you. We will give you (where possible) up to a week to decorate your area and personalise it to your business needs.
Before you start personalising your area we require:

– The deposit and first 4 weeks rent
– A signed contract
– A copy of your public liability insurance
– Any other documentation as previously agreed depending on business type.

On the agreed start date the till will be updated and activated so you are able to have sales put through.

After a few days of trading you will be able to track your sales on the app.

Please note, if you are selling items with a registered trade mark we do require all items to have a certificate of authenticity when being sold.

We know setting up a business can be unnerving but we are here to help.


Have you made up your mind about renting a space?

Do you think Traders Outlet is the right place for you?

If so please contact us and we will gladly meet with you to take the next step. It is best to make an appointment to see one of the management team, so please either call 07538 496000 or email to make an appointment.

Alternatively, follow the link below to complete the contact form.
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